Monday, 8 May 2017

Poem - With Out-Stretched Arms

Rainbows at Night - The Poems of Clive Culverhouse

With Out-Stretched Arms

With out-stretched arms

the taught rope digs underfoot

It’s a fine line I walk

between OK and not OK

Not wanting to talk

The abyss below is black

All too familiar

Once again I’m back

facing depths similar

to how I balanced up high before

how my smile died before

and now I walk that rope

once more

Every day and every step

I tore

a strip of me away

but I cling to that rope

and feel it dig underfoot

in the hope I one day again will put

the smile back on my face

© 2017 Clive Culverhouse. All rights reserved. This poem is the property of Clive Culverhouse and may not be used without permission.


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