Saturday, 13 May 2017

Poem - Dead Rat In The Road

Rainbows at Night - The Poems of Clive Culverhouse

Dead Rat In The Road

Dead rat in the road
Flat rat in the road
as if placed without gore
more like a small rug
than a rodent
as it ran to its End
But it didn’t aspire to End this way
The Grand Plan of a rat
No planner entry to become flat
I wonder if it achieved
all it wanted to achieve
As the car stole the rat
so the clock is stealing me
The wheels abrupt
The hands gradually
both Circling
and so somewhere
the rat is running free

© 2017 Clive Culverhouse. All rights reserved. This poem is the property of Clive Culverhouse and may not be used without permission.


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