Sunday, 30 April 2017

Poem - Life After Life

Rainbows at Night - The Poems of Clive Culverhouse

Life After Life

What if when we die
we don’t stop, we carry on
continue being, still as you
but in a way a dream would do
so we don’t come back
as someone else or start again once more
but keep going forward
as if walking through a door
but no longer physical
more like spiritual
It would be more dream-like to the feel
What is reality?
Could it still be real?
‘Living physical you’ would no longer be around
it would take a while to comprehend
take a while to learn
It seems to me ‘subconscious you’
would finally get their turn

© 2017 Clive Culverhouse. All rights reserved. This poem is the property of Clive Culverhouse and may not be used without permission.


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