Friday, 20 January 2017

New book by author Clive Culverhouse

Writing for my next book is well under way. In fact, there are only a few chapters left to do. For this new project I leave the amazing magical world of Heliodor behind for now. 

The idea for this new story came to me in a single night while unable to sleep. In my head during those dark hours I began piecing together a rough idea. Luckily I still remembered it in the morning, which was a risk, I know, but I then started to get it down and develope the thoughts. 

My new book was born.

A new land, a new world. 
I don't want to give too much away yet so I'll just say that in a land of different empires, things can get confusing as battles take place, empires change and kings come and go.

This will be the story of one man's determination and struggle to try and lessen that confusion.

An innocent mission suddenly and inadvertently becomes a life threatening run for survival.

Keep checking back for updates and news...


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