Thursday, 1 December 2016

"He will arrive tonight."

The Legend Of Heliodor: The Crystal Spirits

In the distance, watching over the small house stood two mysterious figures darkened in the wintery, night shadows. Their eyes glistened as they were caught by the light of the full moon and the smaller man said “He will arrive tonight.”

            The two men secretly watched under the cloak of the night.

The room was small and cluttered, but very homely and welcoming. Strangely carved ornaments made of wood, rocks and minerals balanced on crooked shelves near leaning cupboards. Hanging wall tapestries appeared dull in the low flickering candlelight. A few dream catchers dangled among the shadows from the low beamed ceiling, while the air was full of fragranced smells escaping from a recently extinguished incense burner. It was a curious little room belonging to a curious little house and everything was contained within this one room.

There was even a bed in this hectic little room.

            Galena was lying on the bed; her good friend Jade was leaning over her, mopping her brow and making her comfortable. But the pain was getting worse. Jade’s husband, Euclase, was outside the house with Celestine who was becoming more and more frantic with anguish as the icy night lingered...

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And enjoy the amazing adventure! 

Those prophetic words "He will arrive tonight." 
Nobody could possibly imagine the significance of those words or just what would lay ahead
for the small valley settlement.


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