Friday, 9 September 2016

The Power of Crystals

A Spellbinding Tale of the Power of Crystals

In a world governed by the nature of the land, crystals are worshipped by the people of Heliodor.

The Creation Myth of the Heliodorian People
(Taken from History of the Heliodorian Land and its People, The King’s Library, Chalcedony)

All was a dust and grain cloudiness.
And the dust and grain formed and grew.
It grew to lay forth the land and it grew further still giving forth yet further land and this growing land delivered mountains and valleys.
There was land below, there was sky above.
And thence, a rock fell from the sky to the land.
It broke in two halves.
From one half came Mankind and all the animals, insects, birds and fish, the crops, trees and plants and the goodness of life and prosperity and all was good and all lived side by side.
But from the other half came the Fire-Tongue dragons and all that is evil and the evil tugged at the good.
The Fire-Tongue dragons set against man and woman…

From that first rock that fell, all of nature’s minerals, gemstones and crystals are sacred and give the energy force and guidance that ALL seek through their lives.

When a life expires it is put back in the ground, where its essence began. From the ground the soul of the deceased is infused into rock and mineral where its crystals and gems provide the help and guidance for the future generations.

This is what gives the crystals of Heliodor their powers. They are sacred and cherished by all.

The Legend Of Heliodor: The Crystal Spirits


Clive Culverhouse


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