Saturday, 10 September 2016

A good read -

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A good read

Considerable originality and effort on the part of the author to put forth a fantastic tale.

The story
This is where Mister Culverhouse truly shines. Without giving anything away, Mister Culverhouse has created a story and world full of wonder and originality, without feeling too much like a derivative of the great fantasies that came before.
He uses his plethora of original ideas to build his world and create something that is truly unique. His love of gems and stones shines brightly in many details of the story, and he uses this knowledge in a way that enhances the story and lends credence to his world.

Without a doubt, The Legend of Heliodor: The Crystal Spirits is a great book for any young reader looking for something readable and enjoyable. It stands out in the genre for its originality and colorful characters but falters on occasion in its use of awkward language and improper formatting.

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The author's reply

I'll be honest, what I've posted above are the best parts and the most positive parts of a longer review. The full review is quite mixed and written from a very thorough and critical eye. On a first read through, it may seem to be somewhat negative talking about the technical side of the book, formatting, etc but actually the review is honest and constructive.

What does stand out though and there can be no mistake is that The Legend Of Heliodor: The Crystal Spirits is considered by the reviewer to be a fantastic tale, very original and full of wonder and most importantly - a good read!

A review or comment is still only someone's opinion so why not make up your own mind and download the book today and start reading this fantastic tale of a wonderful magical world.



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