Friday, 2 September 2016

A fantasy adventure one, two, three...

The Legend Of Heliodor

One for the wisdom

Two for the lore

Three for the magic

Four for the door

Five for the step that begins the stair

Six for the breath that takes you there…

Welcome dear reader to my intimate world

where mind and magic here now unfurled

Fantasy adventure comes to the fore

in the enchanted land of Heliodor

A fantasy adventure of powerful crystals and Fire-Tongue dragons needn’t be just for young eyes eager for excitement and tall tales, these stories and books are suitable for all ages from 10 years to over 1000 years – and yes in a world such as Heliodor, a 1000 years might very well be possible – that’s the beauty of magic and it captures us all.

So begin your journey today and start reading…


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