Monday, 29 August 2016

Self-belief and wobbles in confidence

Positive thinking, the way to success

How many people have set off on a journey of inspiration with a dream to achieve a passionate goal?
How many people actually gain success from that journey?
How many people give up after a while due to self-doubt and a loss of confidence?

My bet is that the third question has a very high answer.

But are these wobbles a sign for us to give up? 
'Well it probably won't be any good anyway!'

If we read the signs our mind is pointing to when these negative thoughts strike, we can use them and not suffer them.

We can take the opportunity to self reflect, stop take a breather and look at what we are doing.

Self doubt and wobbles in confidence needn't ruin our plans.

Instead we can use them to re-assess and they can help to steer us to where we are going.

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