Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Fire-Tongue Dragons

The  Fire-Tongue Dragons of Heliodor

“Never look a Fire-Tongue directly in the eye!” Cinnabar boomed as his softened voice erupted with a force that made all the youngsters jump as they remained seated in their semi-circular huddle on the cold wooden floor. “They will hypnotize you, they will fool you into a false sense of security, and they will put you under the dragon’s spell so that he owns you and controls your every move. And then when you least expect it,” Cinnabar let out a loud roar and with clawed hands, he pretended to grab at the children as they jumped once more in fright, “he eats you and owns your soul for all eternity.”
                The children were now shuffling uncomfortably, clearly scared from what they had heard. Cinnabar chuckled to himself, wickedly, over the years his story telling techniques had got better and better. The children began to settle down again, eyes wide and hoping for more.

And Cinnabar’s voice carried the children away once again ….

(excerpt from TLOH: The Crystal Spirits)

The Fire-Tongue dragons of Heliodor are a deadly force. From the northern mountains around the great volcano, some Heliodorian scholars belief these terrifying beasts were born directly from the fiery lava that erupted in anger many millennia ago.
Find out more about the Fire-Tongue dragons in The Crystal Spirits and in particularly the short story book Tales From The Realm, in stories such as The Dragon Wars and Skryjaad the Flame.
A must for all dragon lovers and fans!

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