Thursday, 30 June 2016

A great depth to the magical world of Heliodor

The land of Heliodor, once ruled by a powerful and much loved King, is far, far away beyond a great ocean in a truly magical world. Fire-Tongue dragons from the northern mountains have held man in fear but the Fire-Slayers of the south have kept them at bay.

An ancient legend is known by the simple, hardworking people of this rich land and it has become sacred to them as the years go by.

Now the legend known by all is creeping more into their daily lives and it is unleashing a wave of evil among them.

As Kyan learns of a stunning family secret, he now holds the key to bring balance back to his people and the land. But he must act wisely, skilfully and above all, be cautious in who to trust as life is no longer how it seemed.

The exciting story of The Crystal Spirits, along with the companion short story book Tales From The Realm, brings a real depth of a magical fantasy world to the reader. A rich history into this intriguing world allows the reader to feel they are part of it.


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