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Review - Tales From The Realm

The Legend Of Heliodor: Tales From The Realm

Enchanting Tales By Amazon Customer on 12 May 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
A great mix of poems and prose telling of people, dragons, magical creatures and more from the village of Heliodor and its surrounding area. A companion to the author`s story The Legend of Heliodor The Crystal spirits.

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Fairy Tales – Folklore – Myth – Legend
Set in the magical world of Heliodor, a collection of spellbinding short stories told in a variety of ways including poems, letters, accounts, dialogue and prose. These entertaining tales feature witches, wizards, ghosts, monsters, trolls and many more.  Ideal for that quick read fix.

Enchanting stories suitable for older children, teens, young adults and beyond.

    1. The Hag’s Tale

            2. The Ghost of Widow Pearl

            3. The Old Witch of Bornite

            4. Test of the Four Crystalmasters

            5. The Dragon Wars

            6. The Adventures of Azurite

            7. The Herkimer Letters

            8. Dialogue in a lonely place

            9. Graal the Troll

            10. The Toymaker’s Son

            11. The Fire-Tongues

            12. The Weeping Death

            13. The Seller

            14. The Jester’s Secret

            15. The Messenger

            16. The Myths of Heliodor:

                        i.          The Giant’s Trees

                        ii.         The Uki

                        iii.        The Five Wizards

                        iv.        The Swordmasters

                        v.         Skryjaad the Flame

Not your average collection of short stories!


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