Thursday, 12 May 2016

5 star Amazon Review

Intriguing Tale By Amazon Customer on 11 May 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase 
An intriguing start to the book quickly captured my interest. The protagonist's (Kyan’s) birth is far from normal which sets the tone for this fascinating story. The author weaves a clever tale of the power of crystals, legendary dragons and good over evil in the mythical town of Heliodor. The storyline is easy to follow and the author's use of rich language vividly sets the scenes which enables the reader to be fully immersed in this fantasy tale. Clive's fascination and interest in crystals/stones and their purported powers permeates the story which is brought across cleverly in his characters, who take on the colours/characteristics of the stones after which they are named. There are some twists to this tale towards the end when a certain character is not all what he seems (well thought out) and when another character ‘supposedly’ dies, I found myself feeling a real sense of loss. This story very much reminds me of the writing of Cornelia Funke. Only one tiny thing would possibly add to the tale and that would be a map of this intriguing world (not sure if this is possible with a Kindle edition). The ending is satisfying yet also manages to pave the way for a further instalment which I look forward to reading in the near future hopefully. Well done on a brilliant story. I am now enjoying reading ‘Tales from the Realm’ 


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