Thursday, 21 April 2016

The Hag's Tale

This is my inspiration for The Hag's Tale, a short story in verse, featured in The Legend Of Heliodor: Tales From The Realm which is currently an Amazon bestseller top 10 listing in its category.

The Witches of (Guilsborough) Northamptonshire, England, who one night rode on the back of a pig to visit a witch in a neighbouring village.

The tale goes that there was an elderly witch called Mother Roades, who lived just outside the neighbouring village of Ravensthorpe. Before she could be arrested and tried for her crimes of sorcery, she died. Her final words told of her friends riding to see her, but that it did not matter because they would meet again in some other place before the month was out.

Her friends were thus apprehended riding on the back of a sow between Guilsborough and Ravensthorpe and were taken into custody and hanged, thus they were all reunited in death.
taken from Wikipedia

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