Sunday, 10 April 2016

A huge thank you to all of you

I'm overwhelmed by the amount of visitors to this blog and can't thank you all enough!

It seems The Legend Of Heliodor has many fans and is being viewed and downloaded worldwide!

I'll have to think of a name for TLOH fans, how about Heliodorians?

Anyway like I say TLOH blog is getting visitors from everywhere so a massive shout out to Heliodorians from Venezuela, Canada, Japan, Australia, Denmark, Norway, Brazil, Singapore, Russia, Iran to name a few, but a huge thanks to staggering numbers of Heliodorians from USA, Germany, Slovakia, Ireland, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Austria, France and a super huge thanks to a surprising amount of Heliodorians from Brunei!!

The Legend Of Heliodor is becoming quite a phenomenom!

Thanks for your support


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