Thursday, 31 March 2016

New Review The Legend Of Heliodor: The Crystal Spirits

I have recently purchased this novel and found it absolutely delightful and worthy of the read. The story begins and you soon find yourself immersed in the fantasy realm of Clive Culverhouse's world of crystals and majik, where the young child Kyan is born to the parents of Galena and her mate Celestine. I found the storyline easy to follow and it soon takes you through a world of mystery and legend and before long you find yourself swept away by the tale Mr. Culverhouse writes about - one that makes you almost feel like you are actually there in the real world of his majikal books. I would say that I read through the novel in more or less four or five days of marathon reading - I couldn't put the book down! And when I did awake back into the real world, I found myself needing to actually take some time to stretch my legs after having spent a great deal of my day engrossed inside the tale. Clive Culverhouse is an amazing Author and this book is worthy of five stars and I look forward to finding more of his novels to include in my literary library... Good-luck my friend in this literary world of great writers coming into the world of Fantasy, I hope the next one I find from you is as beautifully written as this one. Until we meet again, thanks for everything! 


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