Monday, 21 March 2016

Fairy Tales, Folklore Fantasy Fiction

Teen / young adult fairy tales, folklore, legends and mythology

So now my second ebook is published and ready for you to download on Amazon Kindle. It's a collection of short stories of fairy tales and folklore set in the Realm of Heliodor from the distant past. Tales of witches, wizards and ghosts, of dragons and giants and of course crystalmasters and Fire-Slayers.

I had great fun writing the stories, some in verse and some in prose and I used different formats to tell the stories. The Herkimer Letters is a story told by a series of letters between two people. The Weeping Death is an account retold by the teller.

I have my favourites among them. I particularly like Graal the Troll. I was laying in bed trying to get to sleep, I was struggling to switch off. It was late and it felt like the rest of the world had gone to sleep except me. Suddenly from out of nowhere came the idea for Graal the Troll. I started thinking of the words and I had to get up and dive for a pen and paper. It's true that some things just 'come' to you. I wrote out most of Graal the Troll there and then. 

In many of the stories there are deeper meanings and messages. Messages of caution, trust, the importance of talking, respect for others and belonging. I'll leave you to work out what message is in what story.

I hope the stories will entertain, amuse and maybe stir an emotion or two and I hope they are enjoyed as much as I enjoyed writing them.



  1. A pen and paper Clive? How 20th century 😊

    1. Well it was the middle of the night haha