Monday, 29 February 2016

If you have met one person with depression then you have met one person with depression

“If you have met one person with depression then you have met one person with depression.” That’s what a tutor once said to me while on a mental health awareness course that I had decided to go on as part of my rehabilitation from mental illness.

The reason he said it was to make a point against the thought “if you’ve seen one you’ve see them all.”

Certainly I know what I went through during my years of suffering with depression but I wouldn’t venture to assume that I know what others are going through nor would I want to hear that they know what I went through.

Clinical depression has aspects common to sufferers but no-one really knows how those aspects affect the individual, only they themselves know that; different things for different people.

That’s one of the reasons I co-run a mental health support group. People can come and say as much as they want or say nothing at all. But if not at first, and it might take a number of weeks, people do talk. We don’t talk about mental health as such, instead we cover any and all subjects under the sun and even have a laugh and joke. But during the course of those chats, invariably someone opens up with an insight to how they are feeling and what they have been through. 

I find that the talking done within the safe place of our group can be enlightening, reassuring, inspiring, comforting and normalising.

Talking helps. It can be clear why people would rather not but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from myself and the group is that talking helps. It’s about letting it out, controlling it, taking ownership and lifting weight. It’s about putting forgotten trust into people again. But I think, and I’ve done a previous blog post about this (called ‘I am therefore know that I am’) it’s about allowing others to acknowledge your existence; being heard, being seen and being part of the world again.

Hearing what is said when someone is speaking personally really makes it clear that we are all different with different thoughts, perceptions and interpretations and it truly is a case of if you have met one person with depression then you have met one person with depression.

Anyway I’m no expert, I’m just someone carefully treading the thin line of good day/bad day.


Monday, 22 February 2016

New Cover Tales from the Realm

The new cover for The Legend Of Heliodor: Tales From The Realm

Tales From The Realm

 Short stories in verse and prose
featuring witches, ghosts, giants, Crystalmasters, trolls, Fire-Tongue dragons and much more

C O M I N G    S O O N


Saturday, 13 February 2016

Interview by Keystroke

I have been interviewed by Keystroke, a blog about authors and writing

Read my interview here


Monday, 8 February 2016

The First Step

I co-run a mental health support group; we’ve been going for a few years now and have had members come and go and some have stayed with us from the start while others have been able to move on to pastures new.

It’s really a group for our members to use as they want. Some like to sit and chat, some like to do craft and some like to listen to guest speakers.

But what the people who come to us are really looking for is to be among other people who are not going to judge them, who appreciate their difficulties and perhaps more importantly it’s a way to step back into a society that had once, or is still, proving a hard place to be.

One thing that I always find inspiring about the people who come to us is when a new member walks in and sits down.

We’ve all seen the movies where the stranger walks into the room and the music stops and everyone there turns around and stares at the newcomer.

Indeed knowing that this happens has maybe put a lot of people off coming to us, we’ll never know that, but I’m always lifted when we get new people walking in. It takes courage and it’s obviously a decision that hasn’t been easy to make. They are made welcome, not singled out and they sometimes wish they had done it sooner.

Walking into an established group mid flow is something I greatly admire about our members and it’s that first step that this blog post is getting around to.

There are doors everywhere and having the courage to take that first step and peek in or go through has the potential to change your life.

Here’s to that first step to the rest of your life and the opportunities that may result!

Thursday, 4 February 2016

New Review on Amazon

New Review  on Amazon 

5 Stars   Enjoyed the book  3 Feb 2016

The story circles around a young boy Kyan who takes on a dangerous task of re-uniting two crystal spirits parted by a powerful King thousands of years ago. The story is well woven and keeps your guessing at all times. I enjoyed this book as I am a fan of fantasy and it has some of my favorite elements- crystals, magic, and adventure! It is a wonderful read and I would recommend others to give it a try. 
- an Amazon customer