Monday, 11 January 2016

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Positivity Pioneers are people who have inspirational stories to tell & share.

Clive's story

Clive’s life has been affected by an injury he sustained whilst at work.

“Whilst at work I injured my back resulting in not just the loss of my job but also the loss of my career. With that went a loss of purpose, my role within society and within my family. Despair turned to depression and I was in a very miserable and down state of mind, emotionally and physically from the injury.”

Clive says that his way out of depression came through his focus on new things

“For me the way I eventually came out of depression was to have a focus, something to work towards which allowed me to look forward instead of back.”

Setting goals Clive enrolled on courses and increased his knowledge learning about mental illness and now volunteers for a local Mental Health Group. Clive says that this enabled him to feel that he had taken control back of his situation.

Realising that he could go to college and learn for full accredited qualifications helped in quickly improving his recovery.

“I found it important to have something to put the focus towards and the voluntary work I now do for our local mental health support group and learning centre provided an outlet for that focus.”

Although this all sounds quite simplistic it has actually taken 8 years. During this time Clive has been on medication for both his injury and depression, the effect it has had on not just himself but his family has been difficult. Clive feels that all he has done and gone through has not only led him to this current point in life, which he believes is where he needs to be but also the journey has been important to him, he says “I feel wiser and stronger because of what’s happened, It was having that focus that has helped me towards a positive recovery.” Of course Clive says he received huge support from his family during this journey, who encouraged him to keep his focus throughout.

Clive has also focused his energy on writing a book - 'The Legend of Heliodor' is now available to buy from Amazon.

Interview by TLCthelifecoach 

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Much of what I do now is to raise awareness of mental health, mental illness and mental wellbeing holding local open days and money raising events in aid of the support group I co-run to help and benefit my community.

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It's 2016 and in today's world mental health is not something we should be hiding, pushing to one side and avoiding. It's time we ended the stigma and ignorance of mental illness and support those who are suffering or at the very least not treating people suffering as weirdos.  @cliveculvers

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  1. This is such a great story. I knew you many years ago, such a happy, funny, easy going person. I am so glad you managed to turn your mental illness into something positive as this cannot have been easy. I too am going through a bout of depression (never had this in my life before) so can totally relate to this. It's like falling down a very dark pit and finding it hard to climb out. I have read an exert from your latest book and found it captivating, well done you! Wishing you and your family all the best for the future.