Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Thrown into The Legend Of Heliodor

Teenage / young adult fantasy adventure

In the distance, watching over the small house stood two mysterious figures darkened in the wintery, night shadows. Their eyes glistened as they were caught by the light of the full moon. The smaller man said “He will arrive tonight.”
The two men secretly watched under the cloak of the night.

Somebody special came that night and his life would have a big impact on the world he lives in.

In a faraway land of powerful crystals, an ancient Legend is passed down through hundreds of years and countless generations until one day Kyan is thrown into the story he has grown up with. Now he has a burden, a responsibility, a secret that will test everything he is made of. Who will he trust?

Now he will find out the real power of the crystals that are worshipped as sacred to his people.

“The author has a wonderful story that shows the true value of friendship, and what good and evil are really all about.” Blog comment

“This story I’m sure will become one of the classics of the future.  Well written, with a plot that is easy to follow.” Blog comment

“A Spellbinding Tale of the Power of Crystals. Look forward to dragons, a tug of war between good and evil, and lots of everything magical.” Amazon review

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