Friday, 15 January 2016

A TLOH insight - Kyan

Kyan is the main character in The Legend Of Heliodor. A scruffy, dishevelled boy born into a world of powerful crystals. It's a world where the crystals are just beautifully faceted rocks and minerals until, that is, they are partnered with the human mind.

The qualities and powers that all crystals have then step up a notch or two to become spectacular, dangerous or just simply magical.

From Brazil
Powerful transmitter and amplifier of high frenquency energies, stimulating psychic abilities. Excellent for attunement. Powerful for vision and expelling blockages of confusion. Connects well to spirit guides. Clear focus and helps to find the truth in situations.

These qualities some up Kyan very well.

        Kyanite crystal from my own collection

        Kyanite. Pic taken from Wikipedia

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