Monday, 18 January 2016

A Communicating Universe

When Nature talks to us

I can be doing things, anything, it doesn’t matter what, be anywhere, that doesn’t matter either but the one thing that ALWAYS seems to happen is that whenever I check the time after not having done so for ages, the time invariably says 10:10 or 13:13 or 21:21 etc.

Doubles of the numbers in the time.  A lot.

I’ve noticed this phenomenon for a while now and even read a few articles about it but none of them know why this is. 

There are those who will say it’s just because you are noticing it more. When you check the time and its 15:36 you don’t pay any attention to it other than realising you are late for a 15:30 appointment etc.

It’s a bit like when you look at buying a car for example you might look at a particular car and then every car you see on the road is the make and model you looked at buying. We become more aware of things and then they register more with us. So in many ways the reason for the time thing is psychological and nothing more.

But what if there was something more?

I like to think there is something more. 

If you look at all the possible time doubles 01:01, 02:02, 03:03, 04:04 all the way to 23:23 then the clear thing about them is their sum is always an even number. So perhaps it’s the universe’s way of signalling to us that our lives are even, balanced, just right, on track.

In other words we could be seeing a sign from the universe and nature that “I’m ok” and if you believe that you are ok then that’s a good positive state to be in. We are all of nature and nature is within us so should we not listen to what it is trying to tell us? 

Or of course it could just mean that the time is 12 minutes past 12!

But I believe in magic…


  1. This happens to me too! certainly is interesting.

    1. Glad I'm not the only one. Life must be OK and balanced then, one must hope.