Sunday, 31 January 2016

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The Legend Of Heliodor: Tales From The Realm

A collection of short stories and tales from the magical land of Heliodor coming soon on Amazon to a Kindle near you

Teenage and Young Adult Fantasy Fiction

Adventures and Paranormal Activities

Book cover currently in design

You heard it here first so watch this space for updates


Monday, 25 January 2016

I am therefore notice that I am

Near to where I live, on the dog walking route I use each day, lives an elderly lady who had a stroke and is pretty much housebound. She often sits at her window and watches the world go past. I always wave and she waves back, or she beats me to it and waves first. 

The controversial psychologist Freud, I say controversial because none of his theories were tested or had any scientific standing but they were taken on by the world and used as the standard in the field. 

Anyway Freud stated that the human behavioural drive was libido, or sex drive, and he put everything down to this. He might be right, I’m not a psychologist and who am I to argue with Freud? 

But I disagree anyway! I think our drive comes from our existence. We want to exist but it’s more than that, we want others to acknowledge that we exist. Could it be that everything we do is so that other people know we are here and alive? It’s not nice being ignored, we fight for attention; we want people to smile at us, say hello, retweet or like our tweets or posts. As a species we are even waving our worldly hand out into space so that aliens can wave back and say hi to us.

This is nothing knew and not my idea, but it’s something I agree with. The chap who came up with it is Eric Berne, a Canadian psychiatrist, and it is called Transactional Analysis. His book Games People Play explains it and is definitely worth reading.

We get a psychological lift if someone acknowledges us and we get angered and frustrated if someone ignores us or fails to notice us. Attention seeking is something us humans do well, right from being babies we cry for attention to be fed, held etc. We crave fame and celebrity status with all the attention that comes with it (and of course the money). Attracting the attention of the opposite sex is something all life does as a matter of survival. We are all peacocks displaying ourselves, evolution sees to that because without doing so, we die out. So attention and acknowledgement is vital to us.

Getting an acknowledgement is of huge importance to someone suffering a mental illness and that acknowledgement can go a long way to help make the day a good or a bad day.

It’s a very basic form of support and can be done by anyone and by saying hello to someone with a mental illness makes them less likely to feel like an outcast or a monster therefore going a long way to help end the stigma of mental illness. A simple, first rung of the ladder support method that we can all do easily.

Because people with mental illness do not walk around with neon signs on their heads or badges alerting the world, it is a hidden illness and one we all suffer with one way or another, or at least will suffer at some point in our lives, so because we might not know let’s give out our acknowledgements freely. 

Would the world and the people in it feel a bit better if we did?

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Thrown into The Legend Of Heliodor

Teenage / young adult fantasy adventure

In the distance, watching over the small house stood two mysterious figures darkened in the wintery, night shadows. Their eyes glistened as they were caught by the light of the full moon. The smaller man said “He will arrive tonight.”
The two men secretly watched under the cloak of the night.

Somebody special came that night and his life would have a big impact on the world he lives in.

In a faraway land of powerful crystals, an ancient Legend is passed down through hundreds of years and countless generations until one day Kyan is thrown into the story he has grown up with. Now he has a burden, a responsibility, a secret that will test everything he is made of. Who will he trust?

Now he will find out the real power of the crystals that are worshipped as sacred to his people.

“The author has a wonderful story that shows the true value of friendship, and what good and evil are really all about.” Blog comment

“This story I’m sure will become one of the classics of the future.  Well written, with a plot that is easy to follow.” Blog comment

“A Spellbinding Tale of the Power of Crystals. Look forward to dragons, a tug of war between good and evil, and lots of everything magical.” Amazon review

Monday, 18 January 2016

A Communicating Universe

When Nature talks to us

I can be doing things, anything, it doesn’t matter what, be anywhere, that doesn’t matter either but the one thing that ALWAYS seems to happen is that whenever I check the time after not having done so for ages, the time invariably says 10:10 or 13:13 or 21:21 etc.

Doubles of the numbers in the time.  A lot.

I’ve noticed this phenomenon for a while now and even read a few articles about it but none of them know why this is. 

There are those who will say it’s just because you are noticing it more. When you check the time and its 15:36 you don’t pay any attention to it other than realising you are late for a 15:30 appointment etc.

It’s a bit like when you look at buying a car for example you might look at a particular car and then every car you see on the road is the make and model you looked at buying. We become more aware of things and then they register more with us. So in many ways the reason for the time thing is psychological and nothing more.

But what if there was something more?

I like to think there is something more. 

If you look at all the possible time doubles 01:01, 02:02, 03:03, 04:04 all the way to 23:23 then the clear thing about them is their sum is always an even number. So perhaps it’s the universe’s way of signalling to us that our lives are even, balanced, just right, on track.

In other words we could be seeing a sign from the universe and nature that “I’m ok” and if you believe that you are ok then that’s a good positive state to be in. We are all of nature and nature is within us so should we not listen to what it is trying to tell us? 

Or of course it could just mean that the time is 12 minutes past 12!

But I believe in magic…

Friday, 15 January 2016

A TLOH insight - Kyan

Kyan is the main character in The Legend Of Heliodor. A scruffy, dishevelled boy born into a world of powerful crystals. It's a world where the crystals are just beautifully faceted rocks and minerals until, that is, they are partnered with the human mind.

The qualities and powers that all crystals have then step up a notch or two to become spectacular, dangerous or just simply magical.

From Brazil
Powerful transmitter and amplifier of high frenquency energies, stimulating psychic abilities. Excellent for attunement. Powerful for vision and expelling blockages of confusion. Connects well to spirit guides. Clear focus and helps to find the truth in situations.

These qualities some up Kyan very well.

        Kyanite crystal from my own collection

        Kyanite. Pic taken from Wikipedia

Read Kyan's story in The Legend Of Heliodor: The Crystal Spirits by Clive Culverhouse on Amazon Kindle.
Don't have a Kindle? Download the Kindle App for FREE from Amazon onto Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer.
"A facinating book. A must read."

Download, Read, Comment/Review and enjoy the adventure of a magical world.

Monday, 11 January 2016

TLC The Life Coach Positivity Pioneers

Positivity Pioneers are people who have inspirational stories to tell & share.

Clive's story

Clive’s life has been affected by an injury he sustained whilst at work.

“Whilst at work I injured my back resulting in not just the loss of my job but also the loss of my career. With that went a loss of purpose, my role within society and within my family. Despair turned to depression and I was in a very miserable and down state of mind, emotionally and physically from the injury.”

Clive says that his way out of depression came through his focus on new things

“For me the way I eventually came out of depression was to have a focus, something to work towards which allowed me to look forward instead of back.”

Setting goals Clive enrolled on courses and increased his knowledge learning about mental illness and now volunteers for a local Mental Health Group. Clive says that this enabled him to feel that he had taken control back of his situation.

Realising that he could go to college and learn for full accredited qualifications helped in quickly improving his recovery.

“I found it important to have something to put the focus towards and the voluntary work I now do for our local mental health support group and learning centre provided an outlet for that focus.”

Although this all sounds quite simplistic it has actually taken 8 years. During this time Clive has been on medication for both his injury and depression, the effect it has had on not just himself but his family has been difficult. Clive feels that all he has done and gone through has not only led him to this current point in life, which he believes is where he needs to be but also the journey has been important to him, he says “I feel wiser and stronger because of what’s happened, It was having that focus that has helped me towards a positive recovery.” Of course Clive says he received huge support from his family during this journey, who encouraged him to keep his focus throughout.

Clive has also focused his energy on writing a book - 'The Legend of Heliodor' is now available to buy from Amazon.

Interview by TLCthelifecoach 

If you would like to become a Positivity Pioneer and share your story to inspire others then contact Katie, The Life Coach here


Much of what I do now is to raise awareness of mental health, mental illness and mental wellbeing holding local open days and money raising events in aid of the support group I co-run to help and benefit my community.

Follow me on Twitter to benefit from many of my tweets of support, awareness and inspiration.

It's 2016 and in today's world mental health is not something we should be hiding, pushing to one side and avoiding. It's time we ended the stigma and ignorance of mental illness and support those who are suffering or at the very least not treating people suffering as weirdos.  @cliveculvers

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Reviews / Comments for The Legend Of Heliodor: The Crystal Spirits

Reviews and comments
   Rating ★★★★★
The Legend of Heliodor is a wonderful story of fantasy and myth.  The author gives us a story that has all the characters interacting in the adventures of finding the crystals of the Legend left behind by the King of Heliodor.  Who will be the newest Keeper of the Crystals?  The main character Kyan and his friends Peridot and Olivine the twins and with the help of the Professors who teach them about the use of the crystals.  Follow Kyan and his friends as they learn about what they need to do to make the Legend come to life.  The author has a wonderful story that shows the true value of friendship, and what good and evil are really all about.  I loved the story so very much that I’ve read it more than four times already.  This story I’m sure will become one of the classics of the future.  Well written, with a plot that is easy to follow.  It was one of my favorite books of the year 2015.  Well done Clive and I look forward to much more from you in the future.
D. E. Swainbank, Author

  Rating ★★★★
Enjoyed the characters and look forward to what will happen next. Recommend to 10+ year olds. Hope this becomes a series.
Debby, Amazon

Monday, 4 January 2016

A 'lightbulb' moment and we can take on the world!

I would love to sit around talking about my book all day but if I did then this blog wouldn’t last very long. In truth this blog is as much about me, life and ‘stuff’ as it is of that amazing magical realm… oh nearly blogged about my book again!

A big part of everyone’s life, not just mine, although it became a major part of my life, is mental health and more importantly, mental wellbeing. Our wellbeing is governed by our ability to cope with personal and outside occurrences that are thrown at us every day we live our lives. Our ability to ‘bounce back’. Our resilience.

My ability to cope became a problem that lead to poor mental health with clinical depression and a cut off from everything and nearly everyone.

One of the important things that happened to get me back on track came from a story I heard being told on a TV program. It was on an old obscure Satellite channel which no longer exists and I was flicking through the hundreds of channels in a blank stare, barely clinging onto the universe...

It was being explained that a woman had a brain tumour and that her cancer was terminal. The woman, whose name either wasn’t said or I just can’t remember, so for the sake of this re-telling I’ll call her Grace. Anyway Grace was adamant that she didn’t want any treatment. She just wanted to live out the rest of her life the way she wanted to. Grace then started doing things like visiting places she always wanted to visit, trying things she always wanted to try. After a check-up a month or two later the tumour had shrunk. She continued to live her life to the full and after a further check-up her tumour was gone. The doctors were amazed and couldn’t understand how this could be. Grace explained that she had just been living her life with great enjoyment and fun and in fact if it wasn’t for the cancer, she wouldn’t have had such a good life because that was the reason she did everything she had done, to fit it in before she died. Ironically, her cancer had made her life better.

Now this story might not be true or might have been exaggerated for TV but it doesn’t matter because there is a real point to this. And a light bulb moment for me at a time of dark bleakness.

If we suffer from something, anything, then we ‘suffer’ it. So, I thought, how about if we suffer from something we ‘use’ it instead. Turn it around to our advantage.

For years I ‘suffered’ with tinnitus. A constant loud tone running through my ears into my head. I couldn’t sleep because at night it seemed even louder. No escape, no treatment and no sleep. So after hearing Grace’s story I decided not to ‘suffer’ my tinnitus anymore! I would use it to my advantage. So that night instead of thinking about bashing my head against the wall, I decided to listen to that invasive, constant high pitch tone. I concentrated on it. In doing so, this actually blocked out all the mind clutter and rubbish from the day etc and the next thing I know it was morning and I had had a great night sleep. So now that’s what I do and I sleep really well. It’s the basis for meditation really.

So my depression? I decided to use it. Use it to my advantage. Use it as experience. I went on mental health courses, even retrained as a counsellor and I’ve met some great, amazing people because of it.

Of course it all sounds easy but it wasn’t and my days seemed too long and desperate at times but in short, the moral of this blog post is why ‘suffer’ when you can ‘use’ it and take on the world! Well almost, but I think you get what I’m saying.