Friday, 18 December 2015

We all love magic

I originally wrote TLOH for my children to read. They were eight and nine when I started to come up with the first storylines and characters. Creating another world sounded easy but then making it believable took some thought. The community I was creating had to work; their society had to have a logical way of functioning. We all understand how are own modern world functions, well that’s arguable but you get what I mean, and so we can all relate to everyday concepts. But a distant land in a magical realm? A mysterious world of Fire-Tongue dragons, powerful crystals, and other weird and wonderful goings on was something we don’t encounter in our daily lives whether at school, college or at work. So it had to work. And work without flaws, discrepancies and inconsistences. 

As magic was a feature of my creation, that too had to work and have a reason why it worked. The magic of TLOH will be a future subject in this blog so keep checking back!

So as all the planning went on and the coming up of a workable storyline and plot developed, I became ready to start the actual writing. Trying to put all the ideas jumbled up in my head like a spaghetti knot of thoughts into words and sentences that would convey my vision of a land that was quickly becoming my home. 

Anyway by the time I had something readable my children had gained a few years. So at ten and eleven I finally had something for them read and enjoy. 

As the writing evolved and the story was chopped and changed it became clear that teenagers would potentially enjoy my book. As I thought of how Harry Potter was written as a children’s book but millions of adults loved reading it too, then that moved my book audience up into the adult world as well as that of the younger reader.

The fact is that our trudge of daily life, the rut of everyday existence, needs an escape, a distant land to get away too. We all love magic. Even if we don’t always admit it, adults love magic as much as children. 

So if you’re craving that escape from the classroom or the office or wherever you might be, then just remember J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up and reminding us of the child in all of us and also Roald Dahl’s quote “Those who don't believe in magic will never find it”.
The Legend Of Heliodor: The Crystal Spirits is a magical story just waiting for you…

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