Monday, 21 December 2015

Goals, Focus, Success and Magical Thoughts

Continuing from my last post, I wanted to talk about magic and how we all, every one of us has magical thoughts. There is a reason so keep with me.

Even the staunchest sceptic has magic being a part of their life; the fierce non-believer has magic surging through their mind, they just don’t realise it.

How can I be so sure? It’s because we are human and it’s what makes us carry on being human.

Have you ever played a board game and only needed a certain throw of the dice to land on a particular square or to win the game? In doing this have you ever given the dice an extra special throw? Maybe blowing your cupped hand containing the dice, even kissing the dice? Why on earth would any of that influence the outcome or the result of the throw? It wouldn’t. But the point is that you used magical thought to try and affect an outcome.

What about the chap at the horse racing or the lottery player kissing their ticket in hope it will help?
While doing any of these what if you have said to yourself “Come on, please, come on.” or words to similar effect? Who are you talking to? Whether to your God or to another force, its magical thought.

Superstition is another big one. How does touching wood protect you from something you just said? Who can deny that they have had a feeling they have jinxed something just because they mentioned it or did something? 

Sports people are very superstitious. How can a certain pair of football boots make a player score goals and have a good game? They don’t, the way the player plays the game, good or bad, is determined before they even step onto the pitch. If they feel good and confident they will play well, if they think they will play bad they will have a poor game and not score any goals.

And what possible purpose could crossing your fingers do? Again, magical thoughts.

The power is great and the belief has a major effect on us all.

There are many more examples. Treating inanimate objects as though they were human is another popular one. Getting angry at your car because it won’t start, as if your car decided to not start just to annoy you on this particular day. It behaved yesterday but now it is against you. Magical thoughts.

We are all hard wired through evolution to try and gain any advantage possible to survive and to beat our rivals. So you might say that magic is an important part of our development and our being.

So you’ve kept with me! And the reason why this is important? 

It’s in the practical side of those magical thoughts. It’s because of that power of belief. It’s vital for our success. It maintains a focus, helps us achieve our goals and those magical thoughts are built-in ways a human has to provide that lift, that feeling that we are getting on, things are working, and ultimately the reward of what we are pursuing. And if we stumble, fail or have a setback, it’s an important step to that success. It helps us to put in all the hard work that’s needed.

So aside from Hollywood magic or the magic that’s taught at Hogwarts, we all have it deep within us, entwined in our daily lives. Real magic. Because if you give that dice that special throw and get the number you wanted and win the game then you have just performed magic, have you not? 

Anything is possible with belief. 

The 7 Laws of Magical Thinking by Matthew Hutson, Oneworld, 2012

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