Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Getting your book noticed so that people will buy it.

Trying to get your book noticed on Amazon? Self published books and indie authors may well have greater control instead of handing it all over to a publisher but it means of course that you, the author, have all the work to do yourself! There are lots and lots of tips and advice but here are just a couple that might help.

One of the big difficulties is what keywords to use. The right choice of words can mean the difference between your book being noticed and sold or it hiding in cyberspace. Not using words from your ebook's title and description as these words are already searchable and picked up, can leave you scratching your head.

Now I'm no expert and I don't suggest I have all the answers but I am an author and I'm experimenting as we speak. The keywords that I'm currently testing on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) are written below. KDP only allows seven keywords or terms and as my genre is fantasy, that's what I'm using. Obviously any genre can be put instead.

Kindle, ebooks, books, kindle books, fantasy, fantasy fiction, fantasy books, fantasy novels, teen fiction, teen fantasy, teen fantasy fiction, young adult fiction, young adult fantasy fiction, young adult, YA, YA fantasy, YA books, YA fantasy books, magical fantasy

Putting your phrases in a good order is also better than mixing words up for example childrens fantasy books is better as a phrase than books fantasy children.

Getting your ebook out there to the world is a skill and a challenge so for starters social media is important. When it comes to making your tweets count on Twitter, the number of characters that are allowed are very limiting. One great way to overcome this I have found is that a picture can contain loads of information so why not load all the details into a picture. I did the picture below quickly and easily using the basic paint program on Windows.


Then the text in the tweet can be used for hashtags and links. So in my picture I have the book cover image, a tempting caption, an instruction to buy, the prices, a reminder for readers to review it, a brief description and where it's available. There's no way all that can be put in a tweet that only allows a little over 100 characters.

Then you can post the picture on Facebook and get it shared. A lot of info is potentially being put out there for people to see for only a few minutes work.

There are many tips to get your book noticed to increase sales so keep your eye out for tips by other writers on Twitter and also Google like crazy.

The whole world is out there just waiting for you to impact it, so go for it and don't expect things to happen over night. Remember the snowball effect doesn't start big, it has to get going before it gathers momentum.

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