Friday, 25 December 2015

A Christmas Message

The Legend of Heliodor: The Crystal Spirits has taken off very well indeed gaining momentum and finding an audience worldwide. Readers and visitors from far away countries like Venezuela, Japan and Brunei, to name a few, have enjoyed the delights of the magical land of Heliodor and the exciting exploits of Kyan as he battles in his quest to every keen reader.

The book is truly a worldwide phenomenom and proving to be a success as it finds new audiences wanting to learn more about the powerful crystals and Fire-Tongue dragons that can be found in Heliodor. The magic, guidance, support and protection of crystals ever popular among everyday folk.  
Christmas is a time for family, friends, gatherings and good will and I give thanks to all my followers, readers and supporters for their good will and wishes.

A very merry and happy Christmas day to you all.

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