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This colourfully descriptive story is a fantasy fiction set in a distant land in a magical realm. Based on an ancient and sacred legend that has been passed down through hundreds of years and countless generations, the story is now retold to a small class of children at the school by the mysterious Professor Cinnabar; a strange misfit and village Elder who has taught the legend for a great many years to a great many children.

A young scruffy boy called Kyan sits and listens with excitement and awe as he learns about an ancient King who built up his kingdom from nothing to make the land all around prosper and revel in joyous good times. Wealth and good fortune lavished his realm and he was adored by his people.
But it wasn’t to last. A mighty Fire-Tongue dragon had two magical crystals that balanced their powers. One crystal was for good, the other for evil. Over the vastness of time the crystals were together and their magic was kind to the land but one day, with the Fire-Tongue dragon banished, the King was left in despair. The King’s life was coming to an end and his weakened state saw the two crystals separate. Now the evil crystal was free to bring terror upon the land and the people left behind by the once powerful King were doomed to suffer the wrath of the dragons.
Kyan, now having grown up with the legend, finds himself thrown into the sacred story and is left with the task of reuniting the magical crystals to restore the balance that once prevailed and bring about a renewed prosperity to the people. His quest sees him develop in power as danger is all around him. But he has his friends and his family by his side and along with the Professor, he has all the knowledge he needs to understand just how powerful the crystals can be. Or so he thinks… Kyan discovers that not all is what it seems.

The Legend Of Heliodor: The Crystal Spirits is an entertaining and exciting story that is for older children, teens and young adults but as everyone likes a legend, older adults can escape into the world of Fire-Tongues and powerful crystals.

Book excerpt

Cinnabar was sitting on a rickety old wooden chair; his cluttered desk behind him swamped under a small untidy stack of dusty old books and some rather odd bits and pieces that looked like antique laboratory equipment and ancient scientific instruments that would have been more at home in a museum or in an alchemist’s or wizard’s lair. In front of him was a small group of young children who were sitting cross-legged in a cosy huddled bunch, all staring up at him intently, transfixed and hanging on to every word the wise old man spoke. He knew all of the children in the town; he had blessed them all as and when they were born, as he had blessed all of their parents before them. His aged, experienced and knowing face, together with his husky voice was almost hypnotic to the children, eager to learn and take in what was being taught to them with such passion.
“… and hundreds of years ago,” explained Cinnabar, “a powerful beast, a huge mighty dragon gave two crystal stones to a poor man who he knew to be good and honest”. Cinnabar’s story-telling voice carried the words with such enchantment that the children seated before him could almost envisage the wonder of the ancient times ….

The mighty dragon towered over the meek, poor man who looked up at the beast with fear and dread. This terrifying, colossal creature could kill him where he stood with one breath of his fiery roar if he so desired. Armour of reddish reptilian scales, razor sharp talons, dagger-like teeth and his enormous tail, struck fear into all who saw it. The remarkable beast stood over sixteen feet tall and had a long, powerful, serpent-like body with giant wings stretching out from its back. But as the poor man found the courage to gaze up at the dragon, he stared into its menacing orange eyes and the more he stared, the deeper he could see. As if he was looking beyond the reptilian eyes into the depths of the dragon itself, into its very soul. The poor man had never seen eyes like it before. At one point he felt as though he was falling through space, a magical cloudy soup made from the colours of the dragon’s eyes and as he fell deeper and deeper within the dragon’s gaze, he began to feel that there was no danger after all. He was reassured, safe and protected, becoming as one with the dragon. The powerful beast that towered over him seemed no longer threatening or terrifying.

“Never look a Fire-Tongue directly in the eye!” Cinnabar boomed as his softened voice erupted with a force that made all the youngsters jump as they remained seated in their semi-circular huddle on the cold wooden floor. “They will hypnotize you, they will fool you into a false sense of security, and they will put you under the dragon’s spell so that he owns you and controls your every move.

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Aegirine's Chance Dice

A TLOH insight

I came up with the idea of Aegirine’s Chance Dice from a scene in Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace when Qui Gon Jinn was negotiating with Watto for the freedom of Anakin and his mother Shmi. It was to be settled by the throw of a dice. This idea gave me a basis to work with.

The Chance Dice appear in a chapter of TLOH I really enjoyed writing because it allowed the excuse for my interest in Alchemy to come to the fore and it added a real depth to the mysterious Alchemist in my book.

Excerpt from The Legend Of Heliodor: The Crystal Spirits

“… On his desk were five chance dice, all made from the same dark hardwood and looked to be a set. One was a six sided cube, one had eight triangular sides, one had ten triangular sides, one had twelve pentagonal sides and the last one had twenty small triangular sides.
Aegirine picked up the chance dice and cupped them in his aging hand, gently shaking them, careful not to drop any on the floor. He then turned his hand over and placed them on the desk by the Arcana cards and studied the numbers that now displayed, faced upwards.
The eccentric alchemist was visibly shaken as he perused the results and seemed to wobble in his stance as his colour drained with the news the chance dice foretold.”

Aegirine’s Chance Dice

5 dice

The Key Numbers  1  -  2  -  3  -  4  -  5  -  7  -  12

The hand of Certainty
1  2  3  4  5  =  the ‘Perfect Hand’ 

The hand of ‘Likely’
7  and  12  with  either  1  2  3,   2  3  4,  3  4  5

The hand of ‘Possible’
A roll of the dice containing at least one key number with any other

The hand of ‘Unlikely’
Any roll of the dice that does not contain a key number

Why the numbers  1  2  3  4  5  7  12  are the Key Numbers

Alchemy number meanings

1              the First Matter, Prima Materia;  ‘the one only one’
2              the 2 Hermetic Laws; Opposites – life death, Sol Luna, fixed volatile, day night
3              the 3 Essentials – salt sulphur mercury
4              the 4 elements - fire air water earth
5              Quintessence – the fifth element
7              the 7 Alchemic metals - gold silver mercury copper iron tin lead
                the 7 Alchemic planets - Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn
12           the 12 Alchemic procedures; the 12 Zodiac signs, 12 months

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 7 + 12 = 34  that’s  3  and  4  = 7 =  4  and  3

the  4  elements  x  the  3  essentials  =  12
the  4  elements  + the  3  essentials   =  7

12 – 7 = 5, Quintessence – the fifth element

the fifth element  5    the  4  elements  =  1, the First Matter

the  4  elements    the   3  essentials  =  1,  the First Matter

Aegirine's Chance Dice were based on my own dice

Friday, 25 December 2015

A Christmas Message

The Legend of Heliodor: The Crystal Spirits has taken off very well indeed gaining momentum and finding an audience worldwide. Readers and visitors from far away countries like Venezuela, Japan and Brunei, to name a few, have enjoyed the delights of the magical land of Heliodor and the exciting exploits of Kyan as he battles in his quest to every keen reader.

The book is truly a worldwide phenomenom and proving to be a success as it finds new audiences wanting to learn more about the powerful crystals and Fire-Tongue dragons that can be found in Heliodor. The magic, guidance, support and protection of crystals ever popular among everyday folk.  
Christmas is a time for family, friends, gatherings and good will and I give thanks to all my followers, readers and supporters for their good will and wishes.

A very merry and happy Christmas day to you all.

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Tuesday, 22 December 2015 Verifired Book Review

A Spellbinding Tale of the Power of Crystals 21 Dec. 2015
By Laurenreads1 - Published on
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Many people believe in the power of crystals as it is said that they are conduits for healing by way of positive energy flow. Author Clive Culverhouse raises the stakes of this theory by thinking up an extraordinary imaginary world where there is a strong element of truth based on mythical legend. With a focus on central character Kyan, from the moment that he is born readers will get that something uniquely enchanted has taken place. What I loved most about this book is the blend of the supernatural and what’s real in the context of the story and the protagonist (Kyan). Of course it’s all only fiction as it’s classified, but I do feel like it was a clever way to spin a Sci-Fi Fantasy tale and make it cool. Look forward to dragons, a tug of war between good and evil, and lots of everything magical. I highly recommend The Legend of Heliodor - The Crystal Spirits to anyone drawn to books with a suspenseful theme. 


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Goals, Focus, Success and Magical Thoughts

Continuing from my last post, I wanted to talk about magic and how we all, every one of us has magical thoughts. There is a reason so keep with me.

Even the staunchest sceptic has magic being a part of their life; the fierce non-believer has magic surging through their mind, they just don’t realise it.

How can I be so sure? It’s because we are human and it’s what makes us carry on being human.

Have you ever played a board game and only needed a certain throw of the dice to land on a particular square or to win the game? In doing this have you ever given the dice an extra special throw? Maybe blowing your cupped hand containing the dice, even kissing the dice? Why on earth would any of that influence the outcome or the result of the throw? It wouldn’t. But the point is that you used magical thought to try and affect an outcome.

What about the chap at the horse racing or the lottery player kissing their ticket in hope it will help?
While doing any of these what if you have said to yourself “Come on, please, come on.” or words to similar effect? Who are you talking to? Whether to your God or to another force, its magical thought.

Superstition is another big one. How does touching wood protect you from something you just said? Who can deny that they have had a feeling they have jinxed something just because they mentioned it or did something? 

Sports people are very superstitious. How can a certain pair of football boots make a player score goals and have a good game? They don’t, the way the player plays the game, good or bad, is determined before they even step onto the pitch. If they feel good and confident they will play well, if they think they will play bad they will have a poor game and not score any goals.

And what possible purpose could crossing your fingers do? Again, magical thoughts.

The power is great and the belief has a major effect on us all.

There are many more examples. Treating inanimate objects as though they were human is another popular one. Getting angry at your car because it won’t start, as if your car decided to not start just to annoy you on this particular day. It behaved yesterday but now it is against you. Magical thoughts.

We are all hard wired through evolution to try and gain any advantage possible to survive and to beat our rivals. So you might say that magic is an important part of our development and our being.

So you’ve kept with me! And the reason why this is important? 

It’s in the practical side of those magical thoughts. It’s because of that power of belief. It’s vital for our success. It maintains a focus, helps us achieve our goals and those magical thoughts are built-in ways a human has to provide that lift, that feeling that we are getting on, things are working, and ultimately the reward of what we are pursuing. And if we stumble, fail or have a setback, it’s an important step to that success. It helps us to put in all the hard work that’s needed.

So aside from Hollywood magic or the magic that’s taught at Hogwarts, we all have it deep within us, entwined in our daily lives. Real magic. Because if you give that dice that special throw and get the number you wanted and win the game then you have just performed magic, have you not? 

Anything is possible with belief. 

The 7 Laws of Magical Thinking by Matthew Hutson, Oneworld, 2012

Friday, 18 December 2015

We all love magic

I originally wrote TLOH for my children to read. They were eight and nine when I started to come up with the first storylines and characters. Creating another world sounded easy but then making it believable took some thought. The community I was creating had to work; their society had to have a logical way of functioning. We all understand how are own modern world functions, well that’s arguable but you get what I mean, and so we can all relate to everyday concepts. But a distant land in a magical realm? A mysterious world of Fire-Tongue dragons, powerful crystals, and other weird and wonderful goings on was something we don’t encounter in our daily lives whether at school, college or at work. So it had to work. And work without flaws, discrepancies and inconsistences. 

As magic was a feature of my creation, that too had to work and have a reason why it worked. The magic of TLOH will be a future subject in this blog so keep checking back!

So as all the planning went on and the coming up of a workable storyline and plot developed, I became ready to start the actual writing. Trying to put all the ideas jumbled up in my head like a spaghetti knot of thoughts into words and sentences that would convey my vision of a land that was quickly becoming my home. 

Anyway by the time I had something readable my children had gained a few years. So at ten and eleven I finally had something for them read and enjoy. 

As the writing evolved and the story was chopped and changed it became clear that teenagers would potentially enjoy my book. As I thought of how Harry Potter was written as a children’s book but millions of adults loved reading it too, then that moved my book audience up into the adult world as well as that of the younger reader.

The fact is that our trudge of daily life, the rut of everyday existence, needs an escape, a distant land to get away too. We all love magic. Even if we don’t always admit it, adults love magic as much as children. 

So if you’re craving that escape from the classroom or the office or wherever you might be, then just remember J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up and reminding us of the child in all of us and also Roald Dahl’s quote “Those who don't believe in magic will never find it”.
The Legend Of Heliodor: The Crystal Spirits is a magical story just waiting for you…

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